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On The WTC Rebuilding Morass

On the fourth anniversary of 9/11, two essays on the continued architectural gloom that hangs in the air at the World Trade Center site. NYT architectural critic Nicolai Ouroussoff is somber in his belief that the entire process has resulted in nothing but "a symbol of a city still in the grip of fear" and "a clutter of memorabilia" (the Freedom Tower and the memorial plan, respectively). He counsels giving the process more time (or, it seems, resurrecting Norman Foster's twinned-towers design concept).

The Post's Steve Cuozzo, on the other hand, is tormented by practical issues (well, except for his take on Daniel Libeskind's master plan, which he continues to distain)—why no Liberty Bonds for the Freedom Tower? Why no word about fundraising progress for the memorial? Why is the Deutsche Bank hulk still standing?

It's a damned-what-we-do either way. Speed it up or slow it down, the process is fundamentally broken, four years on.
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