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Rumblings and Bumblings: Pastrami and Cell Towers

1) East Village: "my window is on the 6th floor facing west on university pl. all week i have been watching groups of workmen with large spools of wires, doing something on the roof across the street,etc. yesterday, fri sept 9, there were a dozen men up there. today, i see they have putting up several gigantic cell towers on the roof of a small rental bldg on the SW corner of univ pl & 11 st. anyone know anything? do cell towers cause cancer?"
2) Lower East Side: "a buddy of mine mentioned last night that katz's deli on the corner of e. houston and ludlow was closing down soon to make way any truth to this rumor?" [Hmm..A case of mistaken LES kosher identity or are they going to paint the hole nabe BLUE? -ed]
3) Soho: "what's the deal with the building on the northwest corner of king and macdougal? i wish i had a picture to send; the prime soho real estate has been shuttered, dark, and covered in graffiti since well before i moved into the hood. not that anything down the way from tiro a segno surprises me, but who can afford to sit on such a valuable spot?"
4) East Village: "Hey, do y'all know what's happened to the International Bar on 1st Ave. and 7th? They've been locked up for weeks now with no explanation..."