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LIC's Vernon Blvd.: (Almost) The New Smith Street!!

This fall is all about fanning the flames of Long Island City hype. Friends, cock an ear: this neighborhood is sizzling. But don't just take our word for it—ask the owners of Cobble Hill thai food standby Tuk Tuk (pronounced "cheap-date"), who've just opened an outpost on Vernon Blvd. in LIC. Why, the thoroughfare is practically a new Smith Street! Says the NYT:

To call Vernon Boulevard a new Smith Street would be decidedly premature (sorry about that—ed), but things are changing. Tournesol, a French bistro, and Bella Via, an Italian restaurant with exemplary pizza, both pack in customers on weekends there, and watering holes like L.I.C. Bar and Dominie's Hoek are also generating a following.Those among us with the overwhelming need to move to the center of all the fun can consult Lore Croghan's authoritative guide to new LIC developments in yesterday's Daily News. Of particular note: new development The Gantry, now under construction across from City Lights, which will boast "private rooftop cabanas."
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