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Grunt on The Hunt: You Should be Ashamed, Hot Stuff

Broker-blogger (or is it blogger-broker? These questions keep us up at night) Property Grunt composed a detailed response to Joyce Cohen's latest The Hunt column, and the PropGrunt sheds some light on an important and controversial topic: Should prospective renters (right) feel guilty about making appointments with several brokers at once, in this case, cheating on a realtor named Doug?

Yes. You did betray Doug. But he forgives you. There is saying in the business that you never want to be the first broker and this is the reason why. At least she was honest. I have been in many situations where I find out my clients have been cheating on me when I have spoken to other agents in my office and finding we have been working with the same person.Suddenly we're feeling very very disappointed in ourselves. Now on to the analysis, as the Grunt dives into the tricky mind games involved:It was a brilliant strategy on Doug’s part to let Dr. Chung go off on her own albeit risky because she might do a deal with broker however she might become frustrated and go back to Doug which is what happened. However doctors are fantastic clients because they are flush with cash and are willing to pay a premium for an apartment. And landlords love doctors since they are never around because they are so busy which means usage of their property will be drastically reduced. Which is the reason why Doug overlooked her discretions. Besides she’s really cute.Phew. Is anyone else exhausted after getting through that?
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