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Rumblings and Bumblings Responses: Our Heads Hurt

[Hey, kids, welcome back to school! Please find below the answers you gave to Tuesday's test. We didn't grade this one, but let's just say we suspect some of you are going to have to work a little harder to make it through the term.]

1) No insight into the origin/meaning of the giant cell towers on 11th and University, though blogger Central Village was was kind enough to send along the visual evidence to the right, noting, "They're there and don't seem particularly big or intrusive to me." As to the query about whether cell towers cause cancer, a reader (who we do not believe to be a doctor or scientist) writes, "Imagine a giant microwave oven, with no shielding, pointed straight at you — would it cause cancer? Verizon says, 'No.'"
2) Moving on. So some joker in a bar says Katz's is closing. True? One theory: "i would be shocked if there was any truth to this rumor – they own the building and, as such, won't fall victim to a landlord cashing in. but, if it happens, i'm packing my bags and getting out of the city formerly known as new york." Well, owners can cash in too, but we know how much a sandwich costs at Katz's and suspect you're right.

3) As to the shuttered building on the corner of Macdougal and King, here's what we've got: "Ok that building has been vacant for years...I will not comment on the building before as I am sure anyone who has been in the neigborhood will be able to tell you what was there before...[Oh, ha, right. Wait, what? -ed] the building on the block corner of King and 6th is under contract exclusive with Massey Knakel." Okay, now that's a different building and we think you're trying to confuse us. Anybody else. Okay, you: "The building on the north west corner of King and Macdougal I believe is owned by Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. I used to work for HBO and saw that address listed for Sarah Jessica in our Media Relations dept. I ended up visiting the block and couldn't believe that they would live in a building with all the windows covered up and with the ground floor businesses boarded up. If you visit the Something Special store that is on the west side of Macdougal just south of Houston you will find signed photos of Sarah Jessica and Matthew to confirm their presence on the block." Yes, of course. Glad that's settled.
4) We dispatched with the news of International Bar's closing earlier today, though we also have this from another reader: "I do know that the owner has died, and that family members are hopefully going to sell the place to someone who will keep it going as it was... the last real dive in the EV....."
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