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Development Du Jour: 40 Mercer

[Architectural renderings by Advanced Media Design]

The concrete slabs are in place, so no better time for the website launch for 40 Mercer, the Jean Nouvel-architected, André Balasz designed Soho residential development (and Curbed favorite). And what a website it is—demanding a visit alone for an opening animation sequence that raises the game for this genre (featured photos: a buck! A large Elizabethan woman! Surely this makes sense to someone... anyone?)

Above, an interior view of a "pool residence"—yes, an apartment with its own swimming pool. After the jump, Curbed takes you on a visual tour of the majesty. You don't want to miss this.

40 Mercer during the day. In case, you know, you've never seen Soho by daylight.

Spot the seven subtle differences between these floors.

The bathroom-cum-walk-in closet. Sassy!

The kitchen. Memo to interior designers: the stainless steel trend is officially so over.

C'mon, pour yourself a cup. It's only $1.9 to $5.9 million for a pad here. Actually, those were the prices in May. They've probably doubled by now.

So, is the money worth it? Sure. After all, as André himself pointed out, "This design is about sex."
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