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Crying Fire Hydrant on a One-Way City Street

It's a perennial problem for big city drivers: you're circling your nabe looking for a parking spot. It's late, you're tired, and you've already passed by a questionable opening within spitting distance of a hydrant three times. You know you've gotta be 15 feet from the hydrant. But your spatial relations ain't so hot and you're wondering, How much curbed is 15 feet? And now they're honking behind you. Kings County blogger A Brooklyn Life was faced with this question last night when his sister called for help.

"How do I know what's 15 feet?" she asked. I tell her that she's a little over five feet tall, so she could imagine three of herself, laying down on the ground, and that would be 15 feet. Being the practical girl that she is, and not wanting to get a ticket or have her friend's car towed, she proceeds to lay down on the ground three times to get the distance right. Meanwhile, this dude is walking by her giving her bizarre looks, so she asks him if he thinks she's too close to the hydrant, and he says, "No, I think you're fine," but I don't think he thought she was fine.
Ah, she's fine. The moral of this story: Always know how tall you are.
· The Brooklyn Car Experience [A Brooklyn Life]