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Brooklyn Arena Deal Greeted with Silence

The $100 million Ratner-MTA agreement may have been a done deal long before the board members sat at their podium to hear arguments and vote, but that didn't stop some members of the public from speaking their minds?or not speaking them, as the case may be. The Times' account of the meeting contains this chewy little morsel of awesomeness:

Few speakers - whether supporters or opponents of the plan - voiced any passion at the public hearing before the vote, in part, because the outcome was never in doubt.

However, a local resident, Shabnam Merchant, who lives near the project site at the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues, stepped up to the microphone to say, "It's a sham." She said she could not pretend otherwise, then spent the rest of her allotted two minutes standing there not speaking.

We eagerly await the Brooklyn Standard's account of the meeting. Something tells us the whole Shabnam Merchant part may get cut out.
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