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It's the End of the International As We Know It?

When we relayed a question about the fate of 1st Ave. fave International Bar in Rumblings and Bumblings on Tuesday, we thought we were going to get some feedback about bar-top refinishing or a major jukebox overhaul. None such luck. Turns out the East Village is dead.

A thirsty source tells us, "One day, out of the blue, lawyers who had been retained by the owners of the bar showed up, demanded the keys, and changed the locks. No explanation." Employees were reportedly told the bar would re-open in two to six weeks, and were asked to sit tight while the owners sorted out some legal matters. This was July 14.

Our source continues, "This was decidedly NOT a landlord-tenant dispute, because the owners of International also own the property. Many people from a neighbouring bar have also come forward, saying that they've witnessed realtors showing the bar to interested parties... Another sign the east village is gone. They should call it Midtown South."
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