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Curbed Readers Write: Parker, Broderick Live in a P.O. Box

1) Regarding 40 Mercer's tripped out windows, of which Mr. Mint is particularly fond, a reader says, "Love the sliding glass...but dude, ya think that passes with NYC codes? Like, what if someone/thing falls’d be road kill on Broadway." Ah, yes, doubt they've filed any paperwork. Best to stay inside.
2) "I don’t see anyone mentioning the new DINER that opened up at the corner of 14th and 9th Ave..." Now we're in some sort of crazy logic game.
3) As to yesterday's science lesson on the effect of the cell tower on University, we are told, "A giant microwave over does not cause cancer ... it would warm you up on the inside though."
4) And, finally, some more intel on the boarded up palace at Macdougal and King, including details about why one might think the Jessica-Parker-Brodericks almost live there: "Sorry to weigh in late on this one, but the building on MacDougal & King was a mob hangout in the 70s. If I remember correctly (I grew up around the corner), it was wired by the Feds and the property was ultimately seized. It has been falling further and further into disrepair ever since. At some point it was purchased by two brothers. Up until a couple of years ago I spotted on or the other of them (elderly now by then and very unfriendly) walking a broken down and sad looking German Shepherd going in and out through one of the doors that faces 2 King Street. I was very curious because I never saw an lights on behind the boarded up windows so I asked a friend who works for Con Ed. They were indeed hooked up to Con Ed, but only used lights in one part of the back of the building. I haven't seen anyone come in or out in at least two years. Sarah Jessica and Mathew Broderick definitely do not own the building. The address the other tipster mentioned was for a P.O. box at 51 MacDougal."