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SaPa & Ma-Bro: Probably Not Living in Run-down Shithole

While we were taking our beauty sleep, some more information on Rumbling and Bumbling 3) trickled in. Do Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick own the shuttered building on Macdougal and King? Two readers weigh in:

· Says one potential stalker: "Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick quietly reside on Charles Street between Bleecker and West 4th Streets. Never have I known the couple to live at this building at Macdougal and King of which you speak."
· Says a former neighbor: "I used to live across the street. You know the nabe slightly remains but was old school Italian. Well there are two brothers who own the place slash live there. They're kinda shutins. I tried to get my hands on it. No luck."

Knowledge is power!
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