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Lycee Mom: Blame Calcium, Mes Amis!

On Friday mornings we like to kick off the day with some less staid news coverage, but sometimes a a story breaks and it's just too big to ignore any longer. You may recall the plight of the little bilinguals traipsing around the Lycée Français, where a brand new gymnasium was being polluted by icky water leaks. Well, the always-informative Lycee mom put on her reporter's cap as the school year began anew, and she filed this update on the sitch:

Yes it's me again. Lycee mom. So at the first APL (French for "PTA") meeting since 'la rentree' (back to school), the administrators gave an update on the leak in the small gym. Basically (kind of contradicting what the construction dude told me last spring), there are pipes under the gym floor that drain water out from that area. The gym is approx 12 meters under sea level - learning this kind of freaked me out given that being 'under sea level' isn't really a great place to be these days. Anyway, these important draining pipes are developing 'calcium deposits' (?) that block the water from draining. The new plan is to check the pipes for calcium deposits every few days to make sure that the water won't build up. Meanwhile, they have done environmental tests on the water and the air quality in the gym to make sure that nothing nasty was present and the tests came back fine.

The small gym is supposed to be open for business by the end of this week.

Now that that ugly business is settled, who's ready for a game of petanque?
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