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Lifestyles of the Rich and Totally Freaking Insane

Gearing up for the release of Michael Gross' 740 Park next month, Rush & Molloy spill some juicy tales from the tome:

Liquor mogul Edgar Bronfman Sr. moved out of his 740 Park apartment after his wife, Wall Street heiress Ann Loeb, allegedly left him for their baby-sitter, a woman. Friendly's Ice Cream heir Channing Blake moved his male lover, Everett Fahey, into 740 Park to live with his wife and his son. "I didn't feel at all odd there," says Fahey, a paintings curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Author Jerzy Kosinski met his first wife, wealthy steel widow Mary Weir, when she hired the then-graduate student to alphabetize her apartment library. Weir died of an overdose of pills and booze after throwing him out. "He was endlessly unfaithful," her son, David Weir, tells Gross. "I was told she walked in on him with a man."

Good times, good times.
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