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It Happened One Weekend: Extreme Brawls and Taxes

1) On the second anniversary of the Post's Home section, the gang rounds up some examples of "extreme" real estate, from the Pierre penthouse to the city's fanciest elevators to "meditation rooms." A great read, 'natch. [NYPost]
2) Here's the nut on the Times' big property tax story: "A review of individual property tax records by The New York Times shows that in the last four years, the tax burden for average owners of private homes, co-ops and condominiums has gone up far more than the $400 rebate - an average of nearly $1,100 a year (before rebate) across the city." We just saved you three pageviews. [NYTimes]
3) In the greatest Hunt column in the history of Hunt columns, Brownstoner chases a mansion-seeking couple to Staten Island, where they decry the lack of "hipster stuff" in the forgotten borough. Their solution? A website. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
4) Future residents of the 76 Madison condo conversion will be wined and dined by Geoffrey Zakarian, the chef behind the forthcoming Country. Residents can get delivery (served on china with silverware), priority seating, last-minute reservations and a 10% discount on private parties at the restaurant. Sounds like a good deal if the food doesn't suck. [NYPost]
5) An expensive Soho loft brawl? More like an expensive Soho loft dispute, because really, does four years of lawyerin' over a broker's fee really count as a brawl nowadays? Man, what happened to you, New York? You used to be so tough and cool. [William Neuman]