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DwellingQuest Cans PR Head for Blogging?

Hoooooly shit. On what was a lazy Tuesday afternoon, word breaks that former DwellingQuest in-house public relations savant Kelly Kreth allegedly has been canned by the firm for blogging. Says Kelly (see here, though it must be noted that she's considerably hotter than she appears in this photo) in an email sent our way,

After being a Dwelling Quest two years and then getting a great job offer to be Michael Shvo's publicist at Shvo Marketing, I took it, but a week later Dwelling Quest, begged me to come back with a tasty counter offer. When I arrived back I had gotten a new asst. of their choosing who was insubordinate and hindered me in performing my job. I made countless complaints. For the last two years I've had excellent reviews, raises etc. I have attended every top producer's event and have one employee of the month. Because this new asst. didn't want to report to me, she sneakily hacked into my online diary and printed out personal pages where I gave office workers snarky epithets. As a result, today I got fired. (Journalists, better than anyone should value Freedom of Speech; here is a blatant destruction of it.) I'm beyond devastated at how cruel and evil someone could be. I can't afford my rent, fund my dog, etc. This after leaving just a week ago, a 90K per year job because I was begged by the CEO to come back to Dwelling Quest."

The email has also been posted at Chris London's NYC Consigliere blog; if you want to dig into the diary that apparently got Kelly in trouble, you'll find it here. We've contacted the folks at DwellingQuest for comment, and will track the tale as it DEVELOPS...
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