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Of Mice and Production Crews at the Hotel Chelsea

Our favorite Hotel Chelsea blogger, who has endured his share of garbage issues, turns the tables when the film crews arrive with their catered lunches. He writes,

One thing that all the crews inevitably do is to set up their lunch buffets on the trash bin...“Don’t you know that that’s the trash bin?” I asked a sleepy-eyed hipster one time. “There could be roaches crawling out of there, or even mice.” He just shrugged his shoulders, as if the matter didn’t interest him. (I think the general feeling among them—somewhat justified, I must admit--is that all the permanent residents are crazy.)...

In any event, this weird practice never fails to crack me up, and I always make sure to take out my trash at least once or twice while a crew is on our floor. “Hey! Hey!” somebody always yells, “That’s our food there!” as I open the lid to deposit my waste, careful not to disturb the steaming platters of delicacies. (Who’s crazy now, by the way? The Chelsea insanity is catching.)

Yes, yes it is. Next week, the anon HC blogger promises "Naked Models – The Upside of Film Crews." We are atingle with anticipation.
· Dumpster Dining [Living with Legends: Hotel Chelsea Blog]