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In Red Hook, Fairway's Still Far Away

Those Red Hookers pining for food from Fairway won't live the dream this fall. Per Amy Langfield:

While we were out at the BWAC art show in Red Hook this past weekend, we could see they had just poured the new concrete floor in the old warehouse that will eventually be Fairway Market. I asked one of the workers if he knew when the store would open and he said they're shooting for December/January, though it could be later. Lots of exposed red brick walls inside and sturdy old planks throughout. Looks beautiful in there.A few doors down, at the conical Revere Sugar Factory, the City Section checks in with a look at the just-sold property. No new information on what purchaser Thor Equities plans to do with the place, but one community member has a wacky idea: "This incredible cone that rises above everything, it has tremendous potential as a performance space." Sweet!
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