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BubbleWatch™: BURST! SELL! RUN! RUN!!!!!

An eager beaver Curbed reader, enjoying a night of fine CNBC programming, informs us that "Mad Money" host and founder Jim Cramer emphatically weighed in on bubblemania last night, with his judgment coming down as rather harsh:

Last night Jim Cramer on MAD MONEY was screaming, as usual, but this time it was all about how the REAL ESTATE BUBBLE IS OVER! IT HAS BURST! FULL STEAM AHEAD FOR STOCKS. It's official now... if Cramer says so, it must be true. (After all, he did live in DUMBO before most Wall Street guys caught onto that.) BOOYAH!Poor Bubble. Turned on by a group of dorks and a maniacal talking head, all in one day. Don't worry, baby, Curbed still loves ya.
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