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Guess What, Bro? It's Sun-Drenched!

Real estate appraiser and official Curbed chartist Jonathan Miller has seen his fair share of broker babble over the years, and he offers up a handy dandy decoding guide to understanding the lingo:

How To Classify A Phrase As Brokerspeak
A simple test: try saying the phrase This living room is absolutely sun-drenched to a loved one and not feel awkward.

How To Translate A Phrase From Brokerspeak
See: Reader’s Digest’s Speaking the Real Estate Language: What Brokers Say vs. What They Really Mean.

Favorite Brokerspeak Phrases
Triple Mint and Mint (no Double Mint? perhaps due to Wrigley’s copyright?)
Fabulous (or Fab) Views (A adjective that provides no explanation)
Gracious Living (what is that?)

Does this mean we should never trust anything Triple Mint has to say ever again? Yes ... yes it does.
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