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Jehovah's Witnesses Turning 85 Jay St. Into Big Park?

For a religious organization with such good-natured followers as Michael Jackson, a lot of people sure are curious about what the Jehovah's Witnesses are up to?especially in Dumbo/Vinegar Hill. Some time has passed since the announcement of their 85 Jay St. plans, the plans that terrified so many, with little action on the plot of land (above). And then there's the question of the Watchtower-owned parking lot next to 70 Washington, as well. A Curbed tipster fills us in with an update on both topics:

not sure what's happening at 85 jay st (aka the largest empty lot in the 5 boroughs aside from the wtc site, owned by the jehovah's witnesses), but they've moved the construction vehicles out of the east end of the lot and cleared the way for more parking. now the entire lot is just for parking. and i heard a rumor that they've sold the parking lot between 70 washington and the bklyn bridge that's zoned for 7 stories, but i've got nothing to back that up...And now you understand our cruel and misleading joke in the headline. Haha, you see what we did there? Wow we're dicks.
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