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No Habla Espanol at Seward Park Co-Ops

At the Seward Park Co-Ops, nestled below Delancey on the Lower East Side, the management company has come under fire for telling workers that they can be fired for speaking Spanish on the job. Sound a touch, uhm, discriminatory? Peruse the missive to the workers from Rudd Realty Managment, which runs the co-op:

You were instructed that all dialogue in public spaces was to be held in English. After lengthy discussion, management recommended you enroll yourself in 'English as a second language' classes as a condition of your employment.Whether or not the policy is actually illegal or just pretty damn politically incorrect remains to be seen, but Seward residents are having a field day with the situation on their ever-active message board. To wit: "The irony is bitter: our co-ops were built by trade unions. We have murals in our lobbies celebrating racial diversity. I am shocked and horrified. A very sad day in Seward Park." Si, amigos. Si.
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