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Art, Culture, All Things Good to be Murdered in Williamsburg

In one of the best Williamsburg-is-dead pieces we've read in a while, the Observer's Michael Calderone takes a look at how Schaefer Landing?the nabe's first waterfront luxury development and the same one being advertised in a subway station near you—will impact Battery Park Cit?er, Williamsburg. With 130 new residential buildings planned or under construction, the first, original wave of gentrifiers (hipsters, 'natch) are pissed, and they look at their coming neighbors?and fellow New Yorkers, we might add?as one would an invading army. A selection of quotes:

“By diluting the culture, by putting up all these cookie-cutter condos and trying to attract upper-income people, then ultimately you are going to kill the desirability of the neighborhood.” “Now it’s just become a cross of homogenous trust-funders and bridge-and-tunnel people that are coming in for the weekend. I think Williamsburg is in the Fodor’s guide now.”

“The one thing I can say is that the newer people moving into this community do not support the arts. Not at all.”

We'll go out on a limb and say that Schaefer residents probably shouldn't expect muffin baskets from their new neighbors.
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