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Governors Island Revamp: What a Whopper

Speaking of random islands spotted offshore from lower Manhattan, word on the street—well, actually, word from government officials—is that the proposed revamping of Governors Island will cost upwards of $1 billion. Governors Island, not to be confused with Roosevelt Island, is the isle off the southern tip of Manhattan that long served as a Coast Guard base (complete with Burger King) until its decommissioning and small-scale opening to tourists in summer 2004. Plans for the island (like the proposed arena from Norman Foster, above), now in the hands of the National Park Service, are still indeterminate, but it looks like private enterprise will, as with the planned Brooklyn Bridge Park, have a significant role to play. Can a Burger King renaissance be far off?
· Doctoroff Says $1B Needed to Develop Governors Island [NYSun]