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Freedom Center: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The International Freedom Center, which has inspired a swirl of controversy over whether it pays proper tribute to the victims of Sept. 11, is about to find out whether it still has a place in the WTC cultural center. Last month, you'll recall, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation asked the IFC and the Drawing Museum, the other prospective tenant, to re-submit their intentions to a panel that will include family members of Sept. 11 victims. The Drawing Center has since backed out but the Freedom Center has dug in and is going to make its unvarnished case today. The Times' David Dunlap, who's seen an advance copy of the presentation is not optimistic.

"The report is unlikely to placate the museum's critics, and it ratchets up the sense of disarray around the redevelopment, which was supposed to be an exercise in cooperation but instead has turned into a quilt work of squabbles among agencies, businesses, neighbors, owners, leaseholders, insurers, planners, architects, artists and victims' families."Lotta serial commas in that sentence.
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