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Weekend Open House Three-Pack: West Village Ladder

1) 10 Bedford St., Apt. 1 [Brown Harris] Sunday, 1-2:30pm
$995,000, 1br/1bath, terrace, "will steal your heart"
2) 380 West 12th St. [Elliman] Sunday, 1:30-3pm
$2,475,000, 2br/2.5bath, 1780sqft, "a sumptuous gallery greets guests entering this meticulous home" (pictured right)
3) 40 West 13th St., Apt 6 [Corcoran] Sunday, 11-12:30pm
$3,500,000, 3000sf loft, "the perfect kitchen in which to entertain and share with friends while surrounded by top-of-the-line appliances"