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New Neighborhood Handle: Opiate District?

Speaking of the Flatiron District, as we are wont to do every now and then, Manhattan Offender noticed something suspicious going on in the area between Madison Square Park and Union Square?what he calls a "preponderance of obviously high-as-hell homeless people." The Offender did a little reportage (which is what we call Google mapping), and here is what he came up with as an explanation:

It is here where you find young, semi-attractive people asking for money with that heroin-y x-ray vision. The area does sport features that might make it attractive: two McDonalds, two Subways, a Wendy's, and (Manhattan's Jewel) 7-11. But a quick check on superpages reveals the biggest draw: the closest concentration of methadone clinics in the city. Heroin-chic is here to stay in the former Silicon Alley!

· Methadone Alley [Manhattan Offender]