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Apple Squeezed Out of Flatiron? One Eyewitness Thinks So

The design for the proposed Apple store in the Flatiron District had its detractors, and they may have gotten their way. A report from the frontlines indicates that Apple could be on the outs, before ever really getting this party started:

I walk by the empty husk of the old Andrews diner (5th, between 18 and 19) basically every day. As reported before, this is the spot where Apple is supposedly building a new store, but has come under fire for their building design. Walking past it this morning I noticed a new "Retail Space Available" sign posted on the window from Winick Realty. IIRC, this is a brand new sign, and it caught my attention immediately. The previous sign made it clear the space was spoken for. There is no mention of a new retail space available on the Winick site, so this is either a pretty good scoop, or completely inaccurate.

The proposed Apple design was up for vote in late July. Did Tekserve employees hack into the system and fix the results? One can only assume so.
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· Apple Store Expansion Threatens Tekserve, Coke Bottles [Curbed] UPDATE: "Sorry for the confusion. It is, RKF not Winick. RKF doesn't show the listing."