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Housing Finished; New Hot Market: Kids

When you turned to Page 9 (try it sometime) of the Real Estate section of the Times on Sunday, you were immediately struck by a familiar face. The pixie cut, the big blue eyes, the blinding smile?Babs Corcs was back in the game! Well, not really. Penelope Green's Habitats column, live from Barbara Corcoran's Park Avenue apartment, was yet another chance to get a few words out of the real estate maven before she quits the biz and shifts to TV production in November. And you know what? When the interview subject is described as a "Queen" in the headline, immediately followed by a description of her apartment being "as bright and accessible as Ms. Corcoran herself," you know you're in for a doozy. And what a doozy it is! We could highlight our favorite slobbery blowjob moments, but why bore you with endless examples when we could just cut to the end of the article for you. Bare with us on this lengthy excerpt about the Corcorans' attempts to adopt:

One mom-to-be, she said, had come upon Ms. Corcoran by chance, an encounter that still makes Ms. Corcoran wince at the chasm between the haves and the have nots. "She'd set off to visit relatives in North Carolina, in a broken-down car with her two kids," she said. "When the car broke down, she walked five hours with those kids until she found a Subway restaurant, begged for a phone call and a glass of water, because she'd brought no money with her. She had no money to bring. While she was waiting for help, she read our ad in a local newspaper." It was not a real estate ad.

"Do you want your child to spend summers at the beach and winters in the mountains?" It read. "Lovely couple looking to adopt."

As it turned out, the woman's child was adopted by someone else. But Ms. Corcoran is ever hopeful. She knows it pays to advertise.

So, let us get this straight: Barbara Corcoran is trying to purchase poor children through an advertising campaign that promises to scoop them up and give them a life of luxury ... and the New York Times is celebrating her for this? We know we may have a case of the Mondays, but doesn't this seem weird to anybody else? Like, is she then going to take the kid in, throw some money at it and fix it up a little, then put it back on the market at an inflated asking price? Because if so, we need to get in on the groundfloor before this thing explodes.
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