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It Happened One Weekend: SoFo King Court Street

1) The Post cites 505 Court Street (right) as justification for a "SoFo" area of Carroll Gardens. Choice developer's quote: "This is a building for real people." Well, "real people" have bought 10% of the units so far. [NYPost]
2) In what seems like a weekly series, the Times again tackles the buying vs. renting question, this time with a nationwide scope. The New York conclusion: "For new home buyers, prices in New York would need to rise roughly another 13 percent over the next five years for the average buyer to do better than the average renter over that span." [NYTimes]
3) For the 45 millionth time in the past 10 years, a major media outlet dubs Queens the next Brooklyn. For the 45 millionth time in the past 10 years, we let out a little chuckle, roll our eyes, and turn the page (although now we do it digitally). [NYPost]
4) You can buy your own private island for the cost of a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. Not surprising, because islands have always been good deals for buyers. Twenty-eight dollars in trinkets, anyone? [NYTimes]
5) A man uses cash from a horse farm sale to settle down in Chelsea. No, this is not a spoof of "Brokeback Mountain." [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]