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Rumblings and Bumblings: The Mystery of Maiden Lane

1) Downtown: "All the stores on Maiden Lane between Pearl and Gold St (adjacent to the shiny 2 Gold St) are closing and one has an eviction notice on its closed metal shutters... new construction? or a Duane Reade?"
2) Greenpoint: "Does anyone know what those beehive-shaped structures are that can be seen from the access ramp to the midtown tunnel? They look like some kind of storage tanks and look to be on that creek in Greenpoint."
3) West Village: "carmine street at 7th avenue south - a small triangular lot that housed a garage for years has recently (last few weeks?) been boarded up/fenced. no activity that i can see yet tho - any ideas?" (Got a little excited for a minute, thinking we had some activity at this priced-to-move triangular lot. No, says our reader, he's talking across the street, on the NE corner of 7th and Carmine, which is still exciting in its special way, of course. -ed)
4) Morningside Heights: "I live in the morningside heights area and it appears something is going down as far as improvements at the 110th and Central Park West intersection. Just wondering if you have hear anything on this or is this just basic road maintenance. "
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