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Shamed Broker Bolts, is Shamed

When a real estate professional gets punk'd?and that punk'ding is then chronicled in the electronic mail format and passed around via the Internets?Curbed is there, friends.

We caught the President of the [name redacted] ( under [we can't tell you]) posing as a client today. She called in on an ad and asked for the address of the apartment. We made her come in our office and fill out the fee form. She filled it out as Liza Smith, but our agent was suspicious of her and typed her cell phone number in craigs list. When the agent called her on it, she took the fee form, ripped it up, and ran out the door.
But on the way out she slipped on a banana peel, stuck her foot in a bucket and hit the ground while someone just off-screen went waaah-waaaaaah. It was an ugly scene. Tragic, really.