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Charlie Trotter Not Restaurantin' at Time Warner Center

As reported by the NYT, and brought to our bleary-eyed attention by Eater, celebuchef Charlie Trotter will not be getting a restaurant in the Time Warner Center's "restaurant collection" after all. Notes Eater, "Following a skyrocketing budget for Trotter's and the uneven performance of high-concept places like V Steakhouse, TWC restaurant czar Kenneth A. Himmel has called the project off. (He's also looking for a replacement for V, although it's more likely that JGV and Phil Suarez will rethink the concept before they call it quits.)" The decision presumably puts restaurant architect Michael Graves out of work. Oh, the fun he could have had with that $11.5 million (neé $6.5 million) budget!

Just when we were beginning to buy into this whole Columbus Circle thing.
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