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Open House Cold Front Query: What's Your Weather?

Despite rumblings of an open house cold front that's tilting the market in favor of buyers, competing reader reports indicate that, at least in one outer borough, it's still a jolly time to be a seller. A Curbed reader emails:

Happy to report that in Forest Hills Queens, your reports of an open house cold front are completely untrue! Recent Sunday open houses at the co-op where I serve on the board had 100+ visitors and resulted in brisk sales….Of all the open houses I’ve been to across the city (besides new construction)- these by far had the most traffic. The building is a popular pre-war co-op, right in the shadow of the new Windsor Tower, where prices are actually over the $1000 per foot mark.
Okay, let's try to settle this once and for all—or at least for this week. If you're in the open house game right now, drop a line to letting us know where and in what price range you've been looking, and your sense of the buyers/sellers balance at this moment in time. We'll summarize the best responses.
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