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Dumplingland is a Man's World

We haven't updated you on the Dumpling Man-Plump Dumpling saga in a while, but please understand that even if the witness reports aren't trickling in, the battle still rages. If you recall, the Man accused the Plump of stealing the dumpling logo. Plump folded and changed its sign just before opening for business. And now, a new dispatch from the frontlines:

I've been following the dumpling war for a while now because I'm a Dumpling Man loyalist. Last night I decided to give Plump Dumpling a try so I ordered delivery. You can't really compare the two, because DM is all about the art of the dumpling and PD is more of a general chinese take-out place, but there was something unusual going on. After cracking open my fortune cookie, I took out the fortune and it read: "You and your wife will be both prosperous and happy." OK, I know they get their fortune cookies from a supplier, but why are they making the assumption that I am either (a) a man or (b) a lesbian, of which I am neither. Seems a little sexist, doesn't it? Does this give Dumpling Man the final edge?

We can't really say, but what we can say is this: We will use any sorry excuse to put that graphic back up there on the homepage. Photo illustrations ain't cheap, people! We need to get some mileage out of that thing.
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