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Freedom Center? What Freedom Center? Never Heard of It

The International Freedom Center, hanging onto its place in the WTC cultural center by the hair of its chinny-chin-chin, lost another friend in power yesterday. That reduces IFC's total number of powerful friends to, uh, hold on a second — George P., no; Hilary C., no; Rudy G., no — right, about zero. Mike B., once a staunch supporter, now says that the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. should ponder the IFC's new proposal (which, you'll recall, it was asked to deliver in response to worries that the center would not appropriately honor the victims of 9/11). Failing "some resolution," the Mayor's ready to pack it in.

"If you can't, then you just can't do it," Bloomberg says.

Ah, finally, a slogan that captures the spirit of downtown redevelopment.
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