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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Lotta Shit

1) Regarding all the fuss on Maiden Lane, a reader writes, "i used to live on that block (pearl street side) and actually just got thrown out by rockrose development corp., who owns most of the block and just built the new 51-story residential tower at 2 gold street. seems they're clearing out all tenants to demo the buildings and put up two new towers right alongside their 51-story job: a 436,000 zsf residential / commercial tower on the SE corner (maiden and pearl) and a 260,014 zsf / 41-story / 416-key hotel on the NE corner (pearl and platt) (to be built by some other developer--rockrose is trying to sell off that corner parcel)"
2) Greenpoint, where everybody gives a shit! Lots of good answers to the query about the beehive structures on Brooklyn waterfront (photo above via J. Matthew Hijuelos). They're part of the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, the larged sewage treatment plant in the city. Or, quips one reader, "As one construction worker told my girlfriend, it's basically a shit factory." The plant is in the midst of a $2 billion upgrade to comply with federal standards and to ensure that all the fancy new condos in the nabe don't smell like, well, shit. Polshek Partners is the lead architect. More here, here, and here. Finally, there's this.
3) Regarding the triangular space on 7th Ave. at Carmine, our original rumbler checks back in with this from the buildings department: "appears to be a 6-story, 75 foot residential building planned (with 4 units in a 12,270SF building), but the plans were denied back in july. the address is one 7th ave south (ooo a new "one" name for the list perhaps?), or 67-71 carmine street." Anybody got the latest?
4) Finally, in Morningside Heights, "The intersection of 110th and CPW, Frederick Douglass Circle, is being reconstructed as is 110th between there and Manhattan Ave as well as Manhattan Ave. from 110th to 120th. Construction started at least a year ago and looks like it should be done in a couple of months. Manhattan Ave has been dug up and temporarily repaved several times as they've replaced water mains, sewers, etc. The redesign of the circle will include a monument to Frederick Douglass." More here.
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