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Hipsters Trapped in Williamsburg Wasteland

The recently landmarked and always jackassed 184 Kent in Williamsburg?perhaps going luxury and shedding its tenants?has a problem: it's full of hipsters and surrounded by garbage. Confused? Don't be. An explanation:

there are at least a few non-monied though-possibly-still-hipster tenants to root for in here. There's three of us, sharing a $2400/mth rent, and we've been doing that for a long time. We don't have nannies, vespas, and have to move the antennae to switch between channel 2 and 4. We do have a view of the river and downtown Manhattan, and enjoy the afternoon sun with our fat cat. We work in non-profits and the arts [Ed.-OK, you're hipsters], and aren't really looking forward to facing the reality of the present market. Is anyone talking about the environmental issues in this neighborhood, by the way? Between RADIAC, the recycling plant, concrete factory, and the petroleum storage tanks, we're surrounded by an industrial wasteland. Might do some developers or prospective millionaire buyers to do some homework.

The Curbed reader provided the helpful illustration above for all terrorists looking to blow some shit up in the 'Burg.
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