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High Line 519 Update: Redefining the Railroad Apt.

When the designs for High Line 519 came into the station, our friends at Triple Mint lavished praise on the the architects' innovative "conceptual solution to a narrow lot." And no doubt they all did their best. Unfortunately, sometimes, no matter how innovative your solutions, the answer to what lies inside a narrow apartment building is a really narrow apartment. A Curbed reader emails with the math:

This new "highline" building at 519 West 23rd Street has this 9' wide studio with 598 sq.ft. for $790,000. The floorplan shows how narrow the apt. is and I question if a 7' kitchen is really an "eat-in."Hey, doesn't take much space to scarf down a Pop-Tart next to the toaster. After the jump, the long and short of the floorplan.

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