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WTC Project Leaders Vow to Build Something, Someday

At the World Trade Center site, officials say that without the International Freedom Center to kick around any more, they'll move forward on building the Snohetta-designed copier/fax/printer and Michael Arad (et al)'s memorial with all due haste. "The construction of the memorial and memorial museum will begin in early 2006 and conclude by Sept. 11, 2009," rebuilding czar John Cahill said yesterday, triggering—one imagines—a spasm of snickers from everyone in the room.

Meantime—because, really, it has been too long—some Daniel Libeskind news. Asked his reaction to the ousting of the IFC from WTC, Libeskind waxed philosophic: "This is not just an empty site of sadness. There has to be something that heals." Alrighty—although, notes the Times, "He added that he supports the governor's decision." That's our Danny: a fighter to the death.
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