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1600 Broadway: Not Even an Outdoor Shower Can Cool It Off

Sure, 1600 Broadway will have a putting green, virtual driving range and various debauched antics when all is said and done, but will it be worth it? A recent visitor to Times Square doesn't quite think so:

I checked out the model unit at 1600 Broadway that is currently going up in place of the old Studebaker building. The unit they showed us was $1.2 million for a 889 SF 1 bedroom with a windowed home office. They claimed to have tripled the prices 5 times because of such high demand. Boring, unimpressive. They should just fill it with young hedge-fund managers from Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley and get it over with.Tripled the prices five times? By our calculations, that means the apartments started out at ... ten bucks? Wow, whoever got in on the ground floor of that got a fucking steal.
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