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The East Village Really Touches Him

What better way to get going on a Friday morning than with a controversy over boobies? An argument over the display of the above painting in the window of an East Village gallery is easy fodder for those who decry the current state of the neighborhood as a yuppie playpen, but you'll be happy to know that there's at least one guy committed to keeping the East Village edgy:

In the week since the gallery’s curator put the painting in the window, several local residents have requested he remove it, a young male passerby asked permission to masturbate in front of it and someone spit at the window. “What a bunch of nerds these kids are!” said Jesse Gee, the gallery’s curator, standing inside his store on a recent Friday afternoon.

If you're wondering why we nerded out and covered the potentially offending body part, it's because we just had Curbed sensitivity training and we really don't feel like getting into that argument with our conscience just yet.
· East Village's newcomers don’t take to bare breast [Villager]