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It's Curbed gametime fun! Match the real estate market prognostication to its source.

1) "As long as interest rates stay low and the dollar stays weak--which is an unfortunate situation, but it happens to be good for real estate--then there will be no burst in the current housing bubble. If interest rates go up precipitously and the dollar gets stronger, then there will be some reduction in housing prices."
2) "Whether or not this is going to be a blip in the market, nobody knows. [Last week's interest rate drop] almost an unexpected window of opportunity for people who want to lock into a better rate."
3) "As we head into the month of September, the biggest test yet for gauging the health of the [NYC] market will emerge. If August was any indicator, we feel the market will be STRONG, but SANE."

a) Developer-cum-Blogger Donald Trump
b) Park Avenue Mortage Group's Ellen Bitton
c) Luxury Letter authors (and Elliman brokers) Leonard Steinberg and Hervé Senequier

Games aside, we're led to conclude that no one has a clue what's going to happen with sale prices in NYC in the next four months. Let's throw the question open to the Curbed audience. If you've been on the hunt for an apartment in the past few months, what trends are you seeing in the market? Who's got the upper hand, buyers or sellers? Send along your thoughts to and we'll summarize the collective yearning of this fair city in this space.
· The Housing Bubble: Gloom and Doom Don't Pay [Trump Blog via Corante NY]
· Housing Boom May Continue After Storm, Experts Say [NYTimes]
· Luxury Letter, September 2005 []

[answers (turn monitor upside down to read): 1-a, 2-b, 3-c]