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Downtown Update: Double the Santiago, Double the Fun!

So much to catch up on below Canal Street, we're breaking out a short listicle for your quick digestive pleasure.

1) Groundbreaking today for Santiago Calatrava's recently clipped Transit Hub adjacent to the World Trade Center site. [Gothamist]
2) Speaking of Santiago, his 80 South Street Tower O' Penthouses had a full-page ad in the Friday Wall Street Journal, and boasts a fancy new website. Quick, those $30 million skyboxes won't last forever! (N.B. Opera alert! Turn those speakers UP as you click on through.) []
3) More hype for the new Norman Foster/Costas Kondylis apartment tower at 200 Chambers Street: Post reports that 48 units, from $500k to $3m, sold in first three days on market in July. (Previously reported that 40% of the building has been sold.) [NYPost]
4) Newsday offers an overview of one of our favorite projects, the Richard Rogers/SHoP plans to remake the East River. Key quote: "Most large-scale public works projects in Manhattan have to wade through a quicksand of opposition; this one seems to be gliding on an air cushion of optimism. One point in the plan's favor is that its ambitions more or less match its resources." [Newsday]
5) Finally, new signage greets visitors to Ground Zero. [A Test of Will]

80 South St

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