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Surest Sign of Fall: THOR Will 'Officially Open'

New York is New York because all is change, always. And yet returning to the city after just a few weeks away, the shock of seeing the street-level restaurant space of The Hotel on Rivington glistening with actual patrons and an actual, cool-looking barscene was enough to jolt even this jaded Lower East Side denizen.

And so it shall be: in the month of September, in the Year of Our Lord 2005?just two years after it scored a giant feature story in Time Out's fall preview issue, 11 months after its ballyhooed soft-open, and 10 months since my mom bedded down therein?the Hotel on Rivington will "officially" open for business. The benefit to you: $65 more a night for a bed. (Per the Boston Globe: "Rooms start at $259 a night, including breakfast. After the grand opening in September, prices will start at $325 a night.")
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UPDATE: Bonus hip hotel twofer! The NYT's Fred Bernstein treks to André Balazs' haute hostel, the Hotel QT in Times Square, and lays the smackdown: "Buzz doesn't guarantee a pleasant stay."
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