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Curbed Update: Fall in the Air

Back from a week away from all things Internet, we're back and ready to roll for the fall season. Lots of big Curbed news coming (including something next Monday that we think you're all gonna enjoy). Before that, for those new to our little game, we want to remind you that Curbed's lifeblood is reader tips: if there's something going on in your neighborhood, no matter how small it seems, we want to hear about it. (Anonymity is assumed on all emails.) Please send emails to; we do our damnedest to reply to every message, and appreciate them all.

As you get reacquainted with the place, don't forget to say hello to our architecturally-minded friends at The Gutter (motto: "23% more bile just since breakfast!") and our restaurant-loving colleagues at Eater (motto: "Excuse me, sir, is that 7:30 taken?"). It's going to be one hell of a crazy fall round these parts. Stay tuned.