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It Happened One (Long) Weekend: I Spy DIY!

1) The NYPost Home section dishes on how to become a landlord: buy apartment; buy oversize drill and ill-fitting goggles; evince wan smile; smile for camera. See, this is easy! (Oh, and this sage advice, for those with an extra $500k lying around: "I tell younger people, 'I have three words for you - rental income property." Mmhmm.) [NYPost]
2) It's your very first time. Take it slow?it's going to be scary, awkward, and likely unrewarding. And, if you're very, very lucky, a major metropolitan newspaper will take photos of you making faces the whole time. [NYTimes]
3) Oh, lollipop! More bad news for the preservationists fighting for 2 Columbus Circle: judge throws out two more attempts to block the building's imminent sale. [Steve Cuozzo/NYPost]
4) "Think early Chanel," he urged, meaning Coco, "and the models wafting down the stairs with me at the top, smoking a cigarette." Okay, we're ready for our trip to NYC's up-and-coming fashion center, Hamilton Heights. Party train? [Penelope Green/Habitats]
5) An East Village investment pioneer (buy: $113,000; sell, $850,000) turns his eyes uptown, too, buying at Riverside and 157th Street ($499,000) for his college-age daughter. There's a tipping point in here somewhere, people. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
6) "The blue horse was still, but suddenly the white horse started rocking. I said: 'Stop that. Stop that right now!'... and it did." Governors Island: still a really creepy place. [City Section]