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The Shvocast

Before we even tuned in, we knew The Real Deal's podcast with young real estate titan Michael Shvo would be the highlight of our day here at Curbed. Just check out the photo! Shvo behind the mic! The suit! The smile! He had us at hello.

The interview starts flat, with Shvo offering conventional wisdom on the industry, his development, and the real estate bubble (a media creation! "If the press keeps writing about the bubble, it will change the news.") But things pick up when he dishes on the city's next hot neighborhoods: "The 50s, 11th Avenue, 12th Avenue... the 42nd Street corridor all the way west. There's not a lot of areas that are left." He also predicts, "I think the financial district is going to blow up," which we won't take literally.

Best part? The discussion of his catchphrase, Let's Shvo. In response to the question, "Was Let's Shvo your idea?" he replies, "Yes. People walk up to me on the street, and say, Let's Shvo." Now that's our master of the universe.
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