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Rumblings and Bumblings: Blue Moon Back from the Dead?

[Usually, in Rumblings and Bumblings, we run reader questions about neighborhood doings on Tuesday, and reader responses on Thursday. This week, in light of the short week, we're running a question and answer on the same day. Crazy, we know. Regular Rumbings format returns next week.]

1) Lower East Side: "Walking down orchard street last weekend, I saw some construction activity. I went inside and asked what was coming, and the guy said it would be the blue moon hotel. He said it would open in around 90 days which makes it early december. I was surprised because I thought this project was not happening and the building was being sold but I guess they're back on. Have you guys heard anything about this?" (Indeed, unopened Blue Moon was on the market back in June for $20 million.)
2) DUMBO: A new response to a Rumbling from several weeks back about the retail space on the corner of Front and Adams. Seems it's not a gym after all: "From the horse's mouth himself, David Walentas told me of plans to put a specialty food store in that space, complete with fishmonger and possible partnership with Height Prime Meats butcher on Clark St in Brooklyn Heights. The store is to be managed by the owner/operator of the local Cafe/Art Supply Store, General Store. Walentas' called it a 'Dumbo Dean and Deluca,' though it has no affiliation with the overpriced chain. Dumbo residents are thrilled with the news that its scheduled to be opened in early October."

Construction in your neighborhood? Want us to help find out the scoop? Email Go ahead, attach a digital photo!