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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: The $100,000 Closet

1) Just a week in advance of the mayoral primary, Mr. WiFi, Andrew Rasej, drops $2.3 million for a condo at the East River Savings Bank Building on Lafayette Street in Soho. One Curbed reader is miffed: "Who buys a condo a week before the primaries? Most candidates lucky enough to have any extra cash at this stage are spending every penny to get the vote out or buy a few more TV ads." Ripostes Rasej, "I decided to live on Spring and Lafayette [to] simplify my life a little bit while I run for office." [Michael Calderone/Manhattan Transfers]
2) Lower East Side mascot Moby is heading uptown, dropping $4.5 million for an Upper West Side penthouse. Hey, you'd get in, too, with recommendation letters from Charles Rockefeller, Nina Griscom, and Bono. (Related: Gawker goes meta on the news.) [Deborah Schoeneman/Intelligencer]
3) Finally, a fitting punchline for our real estate market: Bob Costas shells out $100,000 for a closet in the Time Warner Center. No, really. [Braden Keil/NYPost]