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On Queens Balconies, Beware of Falling Objects

Real estate Q&A's tend to make our eyes glaze over, but a recent question posed to the NYT Real Estate section caught our eye:

Q I live in a co-op in Queens and have an apartment with a very large terrace. My problem is that since I have lived here (more than seven years), things have been falling onto my terrace. This is a 42-story building, and I am on the sixth floor. The other day someone dropped a full can of soda from one of the higher floors. and it hit like a hand grenade. What is the building's legal obligation to protect us? ... Matthew Schultz, Queens
The answer, however?in part: "He noted that the letter writer should send a letter to the board - with a copy to the managing agent - describing the problem and requesting that the board take steps to address it"?strikes us as a bit prissy. (A copy to the managing agent?) This is Queens, Mr. Schultz. Take your vengeance to the message boards like a real man.
· A Terrace Plagued By Falling Objects [NYTimes]